DIY Homemade Flax Seed Gel August 31 2015

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Due to the content of essential fatty acids, especially omega 3, flax seeds promote the health of the scalp by helping in hair loss, brittleness, scalp dryness, and some other hair related problems. The gel is perfect for enhancing and defining curly hair; after applying it the hair will be well moisturized, glossy, and smooth. It can be used for styling, or even as a conditioner.

The recipe

The flax seed gel can be prepared at home with ease, to this end you will need ¼-1/2 cup of flax seeds (whole, not pre-crushed), 2 cups of water, and other oils you might want to use, like aloe vera, butters, or essential oils. You can choose between the two varieties of flax seeds, either the golden yellow ones, or the brown seeds. If you want to boil them more easily, you can put the seeds into water and leave them like this overnight.

Subsequently, mix the seeds and water, put them into a pan, and allow them to boil over medium heat. Stir the mixture by using a wooden spoon. Reduce heat and begin simmering when a creamy gel starts to be visible on the surface, the mixture being similar with raw egg whites. Make sure you always keep an eye on the pan, stirring frequently. You can turn off the heat when the seeds don’t have the tendency to remain at the bottom of the pan. After this, you can proceed to straining by using either a strainer, or a stocking sock.

After it is made

Here you have the option of adding into your mixture additives, such as honey, molasses, jojoba oil, olive oil, aromatic salts, essential oils, agave nectar, hemp oil, cocoa butter and other butters, magnesium sulfate, citric acid, aloe vera, leave-in conditioners etc. Some people also find it useful to add a preservative to make sure the gel lasts longer. You might want to clean the pan immediately because afterwards it will be more difficult to perform this task. Store the gel into an airtight container or a squeeze bottle, and put in the refrigerator. In this way it can last from three weeks to two months.

Applying the gel

To apply the homemade flaxseed gel efficiently, the hair needs to be washed and slightly wet. You must use a larger quantity of gel than you do with other products so you can see the desired results. You can scrunch, twist, or smooth the hair, applying it to individual sections, and then let it dry naturally or using a blow-dryer. After drying, the texture of your hair will be silky and smooth, your curls and kinks will be beautifully defined.

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