Free Shipping is an important buying decision February 03 2016

Free Shipping is an important buying decision for most people.

The free shipping phenomenon started when shopping on the internet became a popular past time for millions of people around the world. In the beginning days sellers would have the best price but hit you at check out with an inflated shipping cost. Most would get very disappoint and swear off internet buying. The major market places realized this right away and offered discounts and encouraged their sellers to offer free shipping. Not to be left behind major shipping services offered free shipping supplies to help offset the cost of shipping so sellers would use their service.

Shipping is not free to the sellers; we pay the shippers to deliver your clothing to you. However everyone involved agrees how important free shipping is and has done something to help offset the cost of shipping to the sellers.

Shipping to a buyer might be free if you pay attention to a few key factors. Key points to watch for are: Number one compare prices on same product to make sure the clothing is not inflated to cover shipping cost. Number two is awareness of where the product is shipping from. Some seller’s ship from overseas and those shipments run a high risk of getting lost. Your ability to track your package from an oversea seller offering free shipping could be limited by language bearer, different time zones or fine print might state they are not responsible for lost shipments. Number 3 is check a sellers rating or buy from a reputable business. Look closes at this you might think you are buying from a major company but in reality you are purchasing form a sub seller on their website. This practice has become increasing popular in today’s market place. Number 4 is make sure free shipping is free no matter how much you spend not based how much you purchase. These four facts will help you get the real free shipping you deserve.

Free Shipping can be a great thing for an internet clothing buyer, just read the fine print before you click the buy button. Buy often and buy from a reputable internet seller our world depends on it.

Written by Wayne Collier of
Clothing Retailer @ since 2006