The Benefits and Uses of Pure Essential Oils

February 03, 2016

Many people are skeptical of the benefits of aromatherapy and essential oils; perhaps they are afraid to venture outside the box, and are hesitant to rely on what nature has had there waiting all along. A plant is for more than beauty, a flower more than its scent, although those are great reasons to admire our nature, what about all the other benefits? Helping with back pain or helping with depression. It helps regrow hair, it helps to make hair stronger. It helps children sleep better (and adults too!). There are so many benefits. 

The reasons people use essential oils are both diverse and vast but they are mainly for emotional and physical health. 

Systems Essential Oils Benefit

Not a moment goes by where we aren't reminded of the importance of plants, flowers, shrubs and bark on our population. Used for a variety of reasons; oxygen, food, etc., but also to provide us with added wellness and health. The essential oils that are extracted from a plant, its leaves, flowers, bark or roots, offer amazing properties that we can incorporate in our daily lives to enhance our wellbeing. Essential oils can provide a variety of health benefits to you and your family. In fact these amazing oils can provide support for all systems within your body, including healthy:

  • immune system

  • digestive function

  • kidney function

  • healthy heart muscle function

  • nervous system, including occasional anxiety, stress and nervous tension

  • lung function

  • joint and cartilage function

  • healthy bone structure

    Use Essential Oils to Help:

    • relax muscles

    • alleviate minor aches and pains associated with daily life

    • suppress occasional muscle spasms

    • promote emotional well-being

    • alleviate occasional nervous irritability

    • alleviate nausea

    • promote restful sleep

    • maintain normal blood sugar levels

    • maintain healthy cholesterol levels in the normal range

    • promote sexual vigor and performance

    Just a few drops can relieve minor aches and pains associated with daily life in seconds, purify the air, help relieve occasional stress, clean around the household, help support sinuses, disinfect your laundry, and more.

    Written by Marian Simone of
    Marian Simone is a Holistic Therapist specializing in Aromatherapy and natural healing. She is also the founder and owner of Essential Oils by Mistico Mimi where she offers pure essential oils for health and wellness.

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