We make flax oil the old fashioned way, the Dr Johanna Budwig way. In fact our founder was the first to market flax oil in the U.S., in 1986. That flax oil was made to the exacting standards of Dr Budwig and it still is today. We make small batches often, with no additives or preservatives. It is organic, cold pressed, from the first pressing of the seeds (virgin). The seeds are sourced only from North America, and the finished product is made in America, by hand. Because our product can't sit on store shelves for months at a time, we don't sell it to the mass market. You won't find it in your health or grocery store. It is only available through our webstore, bionatures.com . Sound expensive? Because we cut out the middleman and only sell directly to you, the price is remarkably competitive. Check out our testimonials, every one of them is from a verified customer. So don't settle for less when it comes to your health. We have been doing flax for over 30 years and we have tens of thousands of satisfied customers.
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Flaxseeds and Breast Cancer Survival: Clinical Evidence

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