Flax Oil Caps, Organic Clear C-Leinosan 1000mg 240 ct - 2+ Month Supply

$ 19.68

The same high-quality C-Leinosan Clear flaxseed oil, except in easy-to-swallow softgel capsule form. Each capsule is pressed in an environmentally-controlled atmosphere restricting the introduction of oxygen molecules and light rays, so you are assured optimal purity and stability. Each softgel contains 1000 mg of organic flaxseed oil. Learn more about the importance of Omega 3 here.

 NEWSFLASH!!!  New study released August 2014 by University of Toronto, Canada shows lignan flax oil prevents and may even help treat breast cancer, see full report here

 BioNatures was the first company to introduce cold-pressed, organic flax oil to the US in 1988.  It was made to the exacting standards of Dr Johanna Budwig, a pioneer in the research of the nutritional value of the oil.  It is still made that way today.   Recognized as the best, safest source of omega 3 in the world, lignan flax oil has an impressive array of health benefits to its credit.  Read more about the importance of Omega 3 here

Directions / Usage

Take 3 or more softgels daily.

Approx. 2 Month Supply




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